OSU Visit- Update

The OSU visit went well. We have an appointment Sept 22nd to meet our surgeon and also meet with the entire team : docs, nurses, social worker, finance people, etc.

OSU performs 250+ kidney transplants a year. They are in the top 35 in the country. They also are far larger and more responsive than our experience at UC has been.

We are asking those who have been paused mid-donation to consider calling OSU and transferring your efforts there. We know it’s a lot to ask. We are confident it will help us get closer to transplantation SOONER. 800-293-8965


Please keep spreading the word. You can visit OSU and click the big purple “donor assessment form” button to take the first steps towards saving Mike’s life! THANK YOU!!!

(oh, if you call/apply be sure you’ve got the right name 🙂 MICHAEL DALESSIO)

In the meantime, feel free to read & pass along this awesome article about the great work being done by generous donors that willingly give life to strangers…
Give Life to a Stranger… Why you should too


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