Aug. 11th Mike has orientation at OSU to be listed there. From that point onward, we will be using the OSU donor assessment form, which can be found in column 1 on the home page. OSU has great success, and performs an average of 250 kidney transplants/ year and is listed in the top 35 hospitals in the US for this operation.

We are SO grateful to those who have tried but not gotten past the assessment forms, and for those who have gotten further but aren’t matches. All forms and testing is CONFIDENTIAL, so unless someone tells us, we never know that they tried. So this is the only way we can say Thank You to all those folks – we only know of about a dozen…. so far… we need a LOT more brave and generous souls 🙂

To this date we have no matches, but it’s a matter of getting the word OUT THERE and letting people know how to help – and for that we need as much help as we can get to spread the word on social media and by word of mouth.
If all our 100s of fb contacts would share something for a week, I think it could make a huge difference!
There are two potential Paired Kidney Donation (PKD) candidates. We are waiting on UC to let us know what’s next, and combining forces with OSU as of August 11.

Thank you for being part of “Mike’s army” – thank you for your support and prayers – thank you for hoping for us, and most of all for being our VOICE through social media and conversation, to help us find a healthy donor and potential match. I pray for Mike’s donor every day.

St. Marina, Protectress of Nephrology and Vanquisher of Demons, Pray for us. Amen.

***On August 12, fill out and send donor assessment forms to OSU transplant to see if you are a match – OR if you are not a match for him but still willing, you could become a Paired Kidney Donor and he will be assured a kidney when you donate! The form is here How to Donate

and more about Paired Kidney Donation is here What is Paired Donation? 5Way at OSU


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