Almost 12 Weeks!!!

Monday will mark 12 Weeks since transplant. Somewhere around eight weeks Mike and I turned to each other and agreed emphatically that less than two months had felt like six. We are so grateful for Rachel, the surgeons, the medical team, our family and friends.

Recovery is hard when it requires long drives back and forth twice a week and some additional trips for blood work and post op things. Clinic has officially decreased to once a week, and hopefully 2x month in the near future. They are keeping very diligent watch on weekly data. The surgical wound is very nearly completely healed, though the muscles are certain to take time.

Many of you have seen that we’ve gotten out of the house occasionally together- a joy! We aim for off-schedule times when cafes are less crowded, etc. Mike will always be immunocompromised. Our friends here have been so diligent about that we’ve had a hard time convincing them to visit 🙂 But Mike wants to*do* things. So even with 12 Weeks of approved disability time, he started easing back slowly PT over the last few weeks. His amazing supervisor has been supportive at every step. At first we were concerned about his ability to sit upright for so many hours. He is handling all of it like the man I know him to be, gracefully.

Things are still catching up to us. I am in the last throes of finishing a full dissertation draft. We are just now starting to process my dad’s death, on hold in a way so we could be strong for Mike’s life. Thank GOD for Mike’s job and disability pay, but things are tight with the decrease. Thank GOD we got a good renter in NJ who is happy to be there. Sometimes things have felt like just too much. Sometimes it gets lonely out here. Sometimes waiting for a call from the clinic is overwhelming. Mike stays calm. I panic. We hope together. We are stronger for all of your love and prayers.

“No dialysis” is a miracle. He’s sleeping. Not snoring. Not coughing. Not passing out from low blood pressure.
Every day is a miracle. Even with all the pills and blood tests and exhaustion … Also with the walking, and caring and compassion and … Life.

Updating from Home

Update: Mike is very tired from a strenuous post-op regimen and, of course, actual healing.
But his numbers are consistently good so far. We have 2x week visits to UC medical in Cincinnati for a few more weeks and if all is well, it will drop to 1x weekly.
He can only leave the house for hospital visits for a while, and no driving for four more weeks.
We appreciate your help and support, your prayers and love notes, meals and calls. This beautiful gift is also overwhelming, and most of you know a few other major circumstances weigh on us too.
Thank you for caring about and for us!