Latest Update 11/16

update 11/16: Transplant team met and have a few questions. One is based on an old diagnosis that keeps nagging us – made by a doc looking for answers and not realizing yet it was kidney failure. So we’re working to get a hematology appointment (been waiting 2 weeks and I finally am playing phone tag). Please keep this in your prayers, as we need the appointment made and over to finalize list decisions. Thank you! – Christine

These last updates have occurred less frequently than I had expected, not for lack of time but for lack of information.

We got a call recently asking Mike to come to UC to discuss an antibody issue. That was today’s visit. Turns out, Mike is producing a moderate level of a certain kind of antibodies. Nothing triggered, though they knew this a year ago (and we didn’t til now) b/c the #s are higher than usual but not “high.” Normally these kinds of antibodies present b/c of a previous blood transfusion, transplant, or pregnancy. None apply to Mike.

Finally, b/c many people have generously applied to donate but not matched, the team coordinator realised they should get on it, and talk to us. There is potential for pharmaceutical intervention, or even antibody match. It’s just…well… Harder.

So we will get some hematologic work done to look for possible autoimmune issues. And we were told to ask all willing parties to apply to the kidney exchange directly using Mike’s info which increases our luck of exchange (or even direct transplant.) There is more info in links I am including under the “how to donate” tab. (Asap)

If you have tried and heard nothing… If you got put on hold in the process somehow… We are SO sorry (and a little miffed). We have been told a significant change in staff and approach has already changed things in a year. We are also in the hands of a new coordinator who is *the*exchange contact, as well as the one responsible for antibody patients. She gives us a little more assurance that Mike’s case is being taken care of.

Thank you for your prayers, concerns, and spreading the word! Hopefully in this next round, including any files you who have been patiently waiting for a call etc, we will get this done! If you’d like to contact me in the middle day of donation inquiry, I’m happy to help. Zero expectation. Really.

Thanks for sharing… And for encouraging a generous person to Share Their Spare!

If you got far in the donor process at UC but missed a phone call or got frustrated with the bad communication…
They let that lady go and turned stuff around.
If you’re still willing to help Mike by sharing your spare kidney… Please connect with me. Or if YOU are that person who got far with no results… please call Becky Hardy at UC transplant directly: 513-584-0748

If you know of someone who got this far can you help me get them the message. S/he is still protected by anonymity. We do support everyone’s right to change their mind.

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